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Mango SIM Card

SIM Order


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  • What is a SIM card?

    SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. A SIM card is a small "smart card" for GSM/GPRS mobile phones that contains your personal account profile as well as saves important information (i.e. network information, account services, your mobile phone number, stored telephone numbers, SMS messages and more). The SIM card must be inserted in the phone AFTER ACTIVATION in order for the phone to operate. When in a new Red Pocket's Mango Plans package, it is about the size of a bank check card or a credit card. Within, there is a small "punch-out" smart card which needs to be removed before inserting into the phone.

How to use a SIM card

  • How do I insert the SIM Card into my phone?
  • A. Remove battery from your phone
  • B. Carefully punch out SIM from the Plastic cardholder
  • C. Place SIM into the phone’s SIM cardholder with the gold square facing down and positioned so the metallic face of the SIM is lined up with and touching the metal contacts on the phone.
  • D. Close the phone’s SIM cardholder until it clicks
  • F. Turn on your Phone
  • G. If installation is successful, “Mango" or "My Network" should be show on the phone’s display
  • H. If "Insert SIM Card", "Check SIM", "SOS Only", or "Unregistered SIM" appears in the phone’s display, remove the SIM and re-insert as instructed above. If re-installation is unsuccessful, please call Customer Service or email